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A Rare Lightness (2019) 

for piri and electronics — commissioned by The Shed — 8’ 

A Rare Lightness is a reflection on the piri’s connection to modern synthesis. The Korean piri is a cylindrical double reed, which is a very rare combination of features in Western wind instruments. This combination also makes the piri an incredibly flexible instrument, possessing a wide array of sounds. In addition, the many waveforms of the piri are very close to a filtered sawtooth wave, and thus sonically related to subtractive synthesis. In this piece I take advantage of the sonic characteristics of the piri by frequency modulating it with a digital sawtooth wave, resulting in lush overtones, and creating a strange mirage in which we lose sight of what is old and what is new.

This piece is a part of The Vex Collection's repetoire.

Premiered by

gamin - Piri

Vicente Hansen Atria - Electronics

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