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Anticueca N.6 (2019)

for nylon guitar scordatura — 8’ 

Violeta Parra wrote a collection of lesser known pieces for solo guitar entitled “Anticuecas.” These pieces are somewhat forgotten gems in Chilean folk music, using sophisticated harmonies and dense textures, while reinterpreting the traditional rhythms of the cueca in a delicate and careful way. “Anticueca N. 6” is an attempt to continue in her footsteps, using a novel scordatura based on stacked neutral thirds and quarter-tone harmonies to continue pushing these harmonic boundaries. In all of her work, but perhaps most overtly in these pieces, Parra regarded folk music as a living tradition that can be questioned and reimagined; this is the spirit in which this piece is written.


This piece is part of Orlando Furioso's repertoire.

Performed on 2/1/2020 by Alec Goldfarb at Lenfest Center for the Arts. 


Video by David Bird

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