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Crónico (2015)

for alto saxophone, piano, and drum set — 11’ 

Crónico is a meditation on the idea of repetition, both as a perceptual phenomenon and as a musical expression. Repetition has a dual nature. On the surface, it is an oppressive obligation imposed from without, or an obsessive compulsion felt from within, or perhaps simply the mark of an alienated nature, belonging to a non-human world — such as clocks or the water drops that sculpt a stalactite. But there is a also an intense expressivity in repetition — sometimes a jocular, frenzied gaiety, other times a sense of purpose, like a hammer striking on wood. And contained in this duality lies a strange futility — a tiny Sisyphus, standing on the brink of intelligibility.

“...piense un pato cubierto de hormigas o en esos golfos del estrecho de Magallanes en los que no entra nadie, nunca.” - Julio Cortázar

Crónico tries to capture the multifaceted nature of repetition.

Ryan Muncy - Alto Saxophone

Sam Yulsman - Piano

Vicente Hansen Atria - Drum Set

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