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Born out of Immaculate Conception, Family Plan is an aesthetically diverse three-person extraction. Descendants in equal parts to sensibilities related to the high and low brow of music, Family Plan is a collective trio consisting of Vicente Hansen on drums, Andrew Boudreau on piano, and Simón Willson on bass. At the moment they can be found performing original music that is intended to challenge conceptions of what should be listened to during dinner while trying to enjoy quality family time. 


Vicente and Simón are not only both from the skinny and often forgotten country of Chile, but also claim some sort of family relationship to the famed deceased pianist Claudio Arrau. Andrew is a native of the great northern country of Canada, where winters are very cold and people are very sorry.

Family Plan released its debut self-titled record via Endectomorph Music on September 24, 2021.

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