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In quiet places where the moss grows green (2019)

for piano, FM synthesizers, and two percussionists — written for Yarn/Wire — 13'

In quiet places where the moss grows green lives in the intersection of the acoustic and the electronic, combining rich spectra from newly designed percussion instruments (such as the Morphbeats Slaybells) with various crafted digital frequency modulation synthesizers. It also exploits two  particularities of 22-tone equal temperament: quarter-tone harmonic shifts, and the syntonic comma pump. These are pitted against the 12-tone equal temperament of the piano and pitched percussion, in an attempt to shed a familiar light on new sounds, and vice versa.

While working on In quiet places, I found myself drifting towards what I now consider to be the fundamental timbre of Latin American music: the sound of multiple fretted strings, resonating in unison. This bright and peculiar sound colors inherited harmonies and melodies with a mesmerizing, other-worldly quality. My intention was not to copy this sound as it exists, but rather to inhabit it, reimagining it as the chamber music of an oddly familiar future. 

Andrew Boudreau - Piano

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