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Speleology (2016)

for piano, violin, and cello — 6’ 

Speleology is an attempt to dwell: in tight musical cells, in the elision of phrases, in the impossibility of genuine repetition, in the infinite quarry of sound, where stone changes as its sediments are uncovered. Repetition is approached, in this piece, as an attempt to squeeze out as much meaning as possible from each building block and from their juxtapositions — building blocks that are conceived of as related to yet different from each other, like parts of a rhizome or chambers of a cave, always leading unexpectedly back into each other — exhibiting/celebrating the quotidian yet uncanny capacity of things to look different while remaining the same.  

Performed by Wet Ink

Eric Wubbels - Piano

Josh Modney - Violin

Mariel Roberts - Cello

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